GN Compass is a financial technology company dedicated to creating financial technology for underserved markets. Our company is committed to providing the latest financial technology systems to help companies grow, become profitable, and remain profitable.

We are a group of industry leaders with a combined total of 25 years in finance, technology, marketing, and blockchain. We are currently developing modern, state of the art technology for lending, risk assessment, remittance, and investment spaces.

GN Cann

GN Cann provides lending solutions to cannabis-based businesses that empower them to keep the equity of their businesses. We eliminate the need for our clients to give up ownership of their business to raise working capital for that business to function and we utilize blockchain technology to protect client data and provide transaction transparency. We are developing a unique and proprietary risk assessment software and unique credit rating system that helps our clients succeed and maintain their success in the cannabis industry.
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With the help of AI and blockchain technologies, GN Compass is developing a proprietary risk assessment system for businesses called Periculum or the Periculum Assessment Software System (PASS). We have over 200 data criteria points that allow us to build a risk assessment profile of a company, determine future risk predictions, and provide actionable information that businesses can use.

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